Top 100 Innovator 2023 Top 100 Innovator 2023
  • Microchip on a circuit board (also known as PCB: printed circuit board) from microelectronic development. B-Horizon Microelectronics supports its customers with the development of innovative products and successfully realizes projects with high quality standards.
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Our Goals are Your Success

B-Horizon consists of highly competent teams of microelectronic specialists. Our know-how focuses on the consulting, development and product quality of innovative projects in the growing market of highly complex integrated circuits (ICs). We give our customers a competitive edge and follow the principle “Make it once and make it right”.

We use this solid know-how to support the innovative ideas of our customers. B-Horizon is the partner when it comes to realizing your innovations. B-Horizon opens new horizons.


What B-Horizon stands for

In geology, B-Horizon refers to a layer in the soil that is distinctly different from the ones above and below. It is the zone with the maximum accumulation of materials, supporting the regeneration of the layer above by providing essential building blocks for growth.

Comparable to this productive process of soil formation, we open new horizons and opportunities to our customers. We support their microelectronic projects on the basis of our long-standing experience and our outstanding expertise, thus allowing our customers to advance into new spheres.