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Microelectronic Development

Includes digital, mixed-signal ASIC design, or pure FPGA design. B-Horizon covers the complete development process starting with feasibility study, design, test and qualification till PPAP and start of mass production for consumer, industrial, automotive and IoT applications.

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B-Horizon offers a unique combination of technical as well as management consulting in microelectronics sourcing,  cost engineering as well as feasibility and business case studies. We also provide our experience in microelectronics purchasing through executive training or specifically to the level needed by the customer.

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Microelectronic Quality

B-Horizon supports defining quality specification for new microelectronic development, monitoring development quality and assesment of qualification results. We also support our customers in assessing failure analysis reports and corrective actions, as well as in quality audits including frontend, backend and production audits.

Welcome to B-Horizon

B-Horizon GmbH is an IC design and consultancy company. With our services we leverage the lead position of our customers in consumer, industry and automotive applications by enabling their innovative products with the best achievable time to market and total cost of ownership.


What B-Horizon stands for

In geology, the B-Horizon refers to a layer in soil distinctly different to the ones above and below. It is the zone with the maximum accumulation of materials, supporting creations on top by providing essential building blocks needed for growth.

We present to our customers new horizons and possibilities to support their microelectronic projects on an established, proven and experienced base.