Top 100 Innovator 2023 Top 100 Innovator 2023

Award for Tomorrow’s Technologies

  • B-Horizon CEO Mohammad Kabany with the Innovation Award

When the mattress communicates with the coffee maker…

“Each award is an incentive for us, to become always better – and even more innovative” says B-Horizon CEO Mohammad Kabany in the interview with the Mittelbayerische Zeitung (MBZ). In May, the annual Innovation Award of the Wirtschaftszeitung was allocated to the company (see Newsroom article from May 2022).

On this occasion, the MBZ dedicated an extensive report to B-Horizon’s work and the next-generation sensor system B-Neo on 1st of July. Thereby, Mohammad Kabany also provides insights in future potentials: “Towards the Internet of Things (IoT) it would by all means be feasible that B-Neo evaluates information intelligently and transmits them from one IoT product to the other. For example, the mattress would tell the coffee maker how the user had slept. The coffee maker will know, based on AI algorithms, what to do: if the user slept in on a Sunday, a cappuccino will be prepared, but when the night was short and restless, it will be strong black coffee…”

Read the full story here: Wirtschaftszeitung: Smarte Sensoren der nächsten Generation (Juli 2022)