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Entrepreneurs of the Regensburg District hosted by B-Horizon

  • B-Horizon CEO Mohammad Kabany presents the smart B-Neo sensor system integrated in automotive seat together with the Technical Project Manager Michael Nefe in B-Horizon’s development laboratory

  • Bernhard Pohl, Head of Quality Management, and Helena Nefe, Marketing and Sales Manager, provide insights in latest semiconductor technologies

Almost 30 guests visited the headquarters of B-Horizon in Sinzing on January 25th, when the Netzwerk Regio, along with District Administrator Tanja Schweiger and our CEO Mohammad Kabany, invited to the first entrepreneurs night of the Regensburg District. The guests gathered – in compliance with the applicable hygiene standards – in our four-story building, among them Sinzing’s first mayor Patrick Grossmann, the General Manager of the Stadtmarketing Regensburg Michael Quast.

District Administrator Tanja Schweiger emphasized the importance of innovative high-tech companies for the district and the region. “Cross-industry networks and an active exchange among the local business community, are crucial elements to be successful also in the future” said the District Administrator.

B-Horizon CEO Kabany presented the company and its divisions for microelectronics and sensor development. “Our passion for the development of innovative technologies, and the daily practice of customer orientation, are key factors for our success, said Kabany. Afterwards, the guests received profound insights into the semiconductor technology, and were able to observe the work of the engineers in the lab, developing latest sensor systems.

After the subsequent lively exchange, it was agreed that it was a successful evening, with plenty of networking opportunities, and fascinating insights into future trends and technologies.

The TV station TVA – Fernsehen für Ostbayern has covered the Netzwerk Regio entrepreneurs night at B-Horizon. Here the link to the video:

Welcoming the guests at B-Horizon by District Administrator of Regensburg Tanja Schweiger.