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Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger visiting B-Horizon: Hightech Companies are dynamically pushing the technological change

  • Minister Aiwanger with B-Horizon staff in the research lab in Sinzing.

Besides the automotive business, also the semiconductor industry stands for the strength, competence, and innovative power of the Bavarian economy – and equally for the dynamic change, which both industries are exposed to.

In early June, Bavaria’s minister of economic affairs, Hubert Aiwanger, visited the B-Horizon headquarters in Sinzing. “Automated driving, new engine technologies, and digitalization are steps towards the car of the future. Innovative and powerful solutions, as in semiconductors, are indispensable to transform new technologies into future-proof products” the minister elaborated.

Minister Aiwanger showed particular interest in the AI-based B-Neo sensor system, which was recently internationally presented and can be applied to several products in various industries. “Hightech companies are dynamically pushing the technological change, and thus secure the jobs of the future” the minister added.

B-Horizon works, jointly with technologically leading partners, on the further development of new processors and sensors, e.g. to create the prerequisites for the next steps of automated driving.

B-Horizon CEO Mohammad Kabany elaborated: “Our daily life without intelligent and highly connected systems is no longer imaginable. No matter whether it is about a complex automobile as a “high performance computer on wheels”, or smart textiles: new and innovative semiconductor-based solutions are the common denominator throughout most industries. With the excellent technological know-how and management competency of our teams, we build the bridges between those industries and the semiconductor suppliers, to enable new products that make our daily routines more comfortable, safer, and richer.”

The summary after the inspiring exchange between minister Hubert Aiwanger and CEO Mohammad Kabany: there is no standstill of technology; the common goal is the conquest of markets and creation of high-tech jobs in Germany.

Minister of economic affairs Hubert Aiwanger and Mohammad Kabany, CEO of B-Horizon, in the B-Horizon research lab, at a car seat demonstrator with B-Neo sensor technology.