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Nomination of B-Neo for the Innovation Award of the Wirtschaftszeitung 2021

Just recently on the CES 2021 in January, we introduced B-Neo: an all-new next generation smart sensor system, which is able to measure multiple parameters simultaneously.

The nomination of B-Neo for the Innovation Award of the Wirtschaftszeitung followed only few weeks later. The renowned trophy will be awarded for the 11th time this year. This nomination not only honors us but also confirms and encourages our ambition to offer a new technology within the growing market of smart living products that improves people’s lifestyle, making it smarter, safer, and richer.

As a next generation sensor system, B-Neo is able to measure multiple parameters at the same time, in different application areas, for example car seats, smart textiles and footwear, haptic gaming suits, and even diapers. The sensors are extremely flat yet resilient, and can be printed directly on flexible materials, making the production process efficient and economic. The data collected by the sensors are processed with support of artificial intelligence, and provided to the user’s smartphone, smartwatch, or a larger screen. The benefits for the consumer are manifold: the application in car seats allows occupant identification and monitoring, to support automated driving of level 3 and beyond, or to optimize the activation characteristics of the airbags. In sports and gaming, the user receives a range of valuable analyses including tips that help him evaluate and optimize his activity or workout.